Secret Bilderberg Meeting Underway, Password Is 'Fidelio'

The annual gathering of the Illuminati takes place this week in Europe as the fate of 6 billion people is decided by the highly secretive Bilderberg Club. 

Who’s going to be there?  You know the types – you got your Kissingers, the Rockefellers, the Wolfowitz’s, the Volckers, the Lohans, etc.

No one knows what is actually discussed there, but one thing is for certain – they’ve got really poor taste in picking venues!  Last year, the secret get-together was held at a resort in Greece just as the train was slamming into the proverbial bridge embankment.  This year, the luminaries will be gathering in Spain.  Yes, that Spain – with the crippling debt that’s starting to look more like Greece with each ratings downgrade.

Anyway, here’s some linkage on the event.  Whatever.

Secretive Bilderberg Club Ready for Protests (Times Online)

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