A Debate I Hope To Lose

The other day I laid out a stream-of-consciousness rant on all the market negatives during a pre-market awash in red futures.  I called it The Litany and doing posts like that helps me compartmentalize and organize all the noise into frontal cortex-sized bites.

One of my fave market commentators, James Altucher, put out an itemized rebuttal sheet for each of the negatives I listed and I thought it was great.  I hope to be on the wrong side of this conversation, by the way…managing retail/ high net worth money always comes with a somewhat long-biased posture by its very nature (not much short-selling going on in 401k accounts).

Anyway, head over to The Wall Street Journal for some of Altucher’s upbeat counterpoints to my litany of woes:

Fears Are Real, But Don’t Overlook the Economy (WSJ)

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