Hot Links: Lesser-Known Monsters

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

The big upgrade everyone’s buzzing about – Goldman ♥’s Citigroup ($C).  (DealBook)

Howard Simons: Gold and Oil are very different animals.  (Minyanville)

What are the stockpickers at Viking Global buying now?  (MarketFolly)

Hedge funds blowing out of long oil positions.  (Bloomberg)

Noted China bull Eric Jackson on whether we should worry about a pronounced slowdown.  (BreakoutPerformance)

Doug Kass loves your fear and he’s buying stocks into it.  (Benzinga)

Talking heads and economists are more bullish than those with money on the line.  (FinancialArmageddon)

The Calpers fund is blowing itself up in the markets, requesting more funds from the state.  (ZeroHedge)

A list of obscure and lesser-known monsters.  (Neatorama)

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