Hot Links: World Cup Stocks, Dykstra Calls and the China Bear

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Real estate in American cities held its value better than in the suburbs.  (TheAtlantic)

Will cloud computing make a big impact on email?  (Forbes)

Lenny Dykstra at the end of his rope – offering personal phone calls for money on Craigslist.  (NYP)

After the crash, Jeff Saut says to upgrade your stocks to higher quality.  (MarketFolly)

In the internet age, even failed research has a use.  (AlephBlog)

The last thing Obama should be doing is hating on the tech industry.  (TheStreet)

A cool UBS research report in which it names its World Cup stock team.  (FTAlphaville)

“The trade-bots live in their own world.”  (PsyFiBlog)

Oh yeah, China is now in a bear market.  (iBankCoin) and (TBP)

A star is born – Aziz Ansari is taking over the world.  (ComicsComic)

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