Spring 2010: All Hell Breaks Loose

Part of working on Wall Street and running money is that every piece of news, to varying degree, must be monitored and processed.  Maybe if I had my dream job as a jet ski rental guy in the Bahamas, this stuff wouldn’t faze me as much but I gotta tell ya – the news flow this spring has been downright apolcalyptic.

Consider the headlines:

Volcanic Explosion in Iceland Grounds All Planes

Earthquake Rocks Chile

Massive Rig Fire Threatens the Gulf

Chinese Coal Mine Caves In, Hundreds Trapped Inside

Oil Spill Becoming One of Worst Ecological Disasters in US History

Truck Bomb Found Smoking in the Heart of New York City

West Virginia Coal Mine Collapses, 29 dead

US Attorney May Launch Criminal Probe of Goldman Sachs

Earthquake Rocks Indonesia

Nashville Faces Worst Flood Ever, Downtown Underwater

Contagion Spreading As Greek Economy Collapses

John Carney Fired at The Business Insider

OK, that last one was silly, but seriously…is all hell breaking lose or do I need a vacation?  Or both?