Hot Links: Just To Get A Rep

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Oil up on the resumption of flights, techs up because Apple ($AAPL) is off the hook.  (Bloomberg)

The real-life Hollywood box office futures exchange is go.  I’ll be elaborating later, I promise.  (DealBook)

Oy Vey!  Ben Stein finds a new gig, this time writing for BusinessWeek/Bloomberg.  (TBP)

The biggest threat to jobs may be from bloated state budgets.  (Mish)

Amazon ($AMZN) reports Thursday night, here’s a preview.  (Forbes)

Ridiculous Staten Island boiler room shut down by the SEC.  (NYP)

Lehman Bros Chief Demolitions Officer Dick Fuld put on an evasive answering clinic in Congress yesterday.  (Dealbreaker)

Credit Suisse on the outlook for investors.  Good stuff.  (PragCap)

The New York Times eulogizes rapper Guru.  (NYT)

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