Virtualization 2010 in Forbes – Your Cloud Computing Bible

We talk a great deal about Cloud Computing here on TRB so I wanted to put you on to this incredible special report from Forbes.  They’ve put together 15 killer articles that cover everything from myths about cloud computing to the winners and losers of virtualization.

Is “The Cloud” just a techie marketing term.  Yes, but that doesn’t change the fact that almost all applications and data will be web-based going forward in the name of security, efficiency and lower cost.  Steve Ballmer told a group of students at the University of Washington that he is “betting the future of Microsoft ($MSFT) on the cloud” and that 70% of his engineers are working on cloud-related projects.

The CEO of Rackspace ($RAX) said in a presentation recently that we’re in the first inning – of a doubleheader – for migration toward the cloud.  If you believe that to be the case and you’re a tech investor, I recommend finding some time this holiday weekend to dig in to what Forbes has assembled…


Virtualization 2010 (Forbes)