Hot Links: House Flippers, Big Macs & Bob Dylan

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

The only US stock mutual fund manager to post a gain in 2008 is growing cautious.  (Fortune)

Drill, Bama, Drill.  The Pres opens up the east coast for offshore oil production.  (NYT)

This is what Dealbreaker does best – one of the best comment threads ever.  (Dealbreaker)

Foreclosure-flipping mania returns.  That train’s always on time.  (Bloomberg)

Tadas pulls some highlights from The Quants.  (AbnormalReturns)

Charles Kirk’s “Lucky Charms” portfolio absolutely trounced the market since last March.  (KirkReport)

Goldman is now losing out on business because of its image problem.  LOLFed can help.  (LOLFed)

The price of Crude Oil in Big Macs over the last decade.  Because.  (Gregor.US)

Is Bob Dylan the Godfather of Hip Hop?  The first B-Boy?  (RollingStone)

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