Hot Links: Greatest Headline Ever

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Is private equity preparing a buyout for Harley-Davidson ($HOG)?  (DealBook)

Jay-Z is more worshiped for his capitalism skills than his mic skills.  (Gawker)

A reason for optimism within a secular bear market.  (TBP)

Disgraced LTCM’s former counsel calls China “The Greatest Bubble In History”  (Bloomberg)

Fiduciary Standard for brokers didn’t make the cut for the reform bill.  (WSJ)

America has become a money playground for psychopaths.  Post of the week.  (CafeAmericain)

Joe nails it: “It’s getting too easy.”  (UpsideTrader)

Public speaking tips from a pro.  (Fortune)

It’s The Fly’s market, we’re all just trading in it.  (iBankCoin)

Greatest. Headline. Ever. – ‘The Gay Terrorist Who Could’ve Stopped 9/11’  (NYP)

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