Hot Links: Green Bubbles, Albert Einstein and the Prankster S&P

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Stocks and metals sell off overseas, China’s tightening the culprit.  (Bloomberg)

The prankster that is the S&P 500 screws with bulls and bears alike.  (JasonKelly)

A primer on that force of nature known as Jim (Aiki14) Gobetz.  (SMBTraining)

“M is for Managing Director…”  (EpicureanDealmaker)

Negative facts and um, less-negative facts in the commercial re debate.  (Benzinga)

Michael Lewis was terrific on 60 Minutes last night.  (TBP)

How to lose your CFA designation.  (Dealbreaker)

The king of small caps throws some names out at us.  (SmartMoney)

Is Cali about to blow a big fat green bubble to shore up its finances?  Prolly.  (JrDeputyAccountant)

Happy birthday to Albert Einstein – a celebration of what he was really about.  (NewScientist)