A Brief List of Things the Market No Longer Seems to Care About

Here are some items that the mainstream media and much of the blogosphere seem to be preoccupied with that the market no longer seems to care about.

1. Unemployment

2. Underemployment

3. Non-Employment

4. Greece

5. The Twilight Trilogy

6. Interest Rates

7. Bailouts

8. The Merrill/B of A Investigation

9. Executive Compensation

10. Financial Reform

11. Healthcare Reform

12. High Frequency Trading

13. Nefarious Investment Bankers

While the media and many bloggers/newsletter writers continue to follow and report on these stories, most market participants have instead turned their focus to finding secular growth stories, deep-value high yielders to replace the lack of money market interest and other such assorted baskets to put their eggs in.

Fine with me.  I could use a break from the “news” myself.

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