Smokin' From Shooting

Light posting today on account of the rip-roaring markets, what one of my mentors used to call a “Shoot The Lights Out” kind of day.

Both of my barrels are smokin’ from shooting (yes, a My Morning Jacket reference).

Some quick thoughts…

– I never in a million years would’ve thought we’d care so much about little old Greece.  Up 100 Dow points on a limp-wristed EU bailout?  Whatever, I’ll take it.

– Are we going to replay the last 10 days when Portugal comes up for their handout?  And then Spain? 

– The metals stocks like $FCX and $X are once again going bonkers, I almost feel like the hedge fund gunners all have the same shortlist of names posted on their desks like a go-to playbook for rally days.

– I can’t believe we got through an entire trading day without having to see Barack on TV.  Has he run out of Town Halls to show up at?  What a pleasure.

That’s it for me, hope you had a rockin’ day.

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