Hot Links: Trade Gaps, Exit Plans & Brooklyn Decker

Stuff I’m Reading…

Bernanke’s exit plan.  Story o’ the day.  (Bloomberg)

Investors want to know why Morgan Stanley ($MS) feels the need to pay employees 62% of revenue.  (NYT)

Anyone wanna buy the Hooters chain?  Bankers are shopping it.  (NYP)

A handy chart from Credit Suisse of where the sovereign debt risk resides.  (FT)

I only linked to this because of how hot Brooklyn Decker looks on the SI cover.  (Bespoke)

In case you haven’t seen this yet, rate of employed males between 25 and 54 has fallen off a cliff.  (GraspingReality)

How bears like Taleb and Faber would invest $100 million in 2010.  (MarketFolly)

Rosenberg’s concise primer on the Europe sitch and why it matters.  (ZeroHedge)

Pento: They didn’t like that Trade Gap number this morning.  (Greenfaucet)

10 Hip Hop Artists to Watch in 2010.  (About)

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