Dow up 200+ – You Want To Be Reading The Fly On Days Like Today

Monster up day as of this writing, the Greece bailout rumors became fact fact-ier as Germany et al will supposedly rush to the rescue of the debt-laden Club Med

On days like today, you really want to make sure you’re reading The Fly at iBankCoin

I remain steadfast in my ability to endure major market corrections to the downside. The following is an interview of sorts, for your reading pleasure.

Do you know why “The Fly” is able to withstand such dastardly market action?

Answer: Because he has made so much f***ing money over the last 5 years, this sh*t is simply an after thought.

Sigh.  Such triumphant awesomeness…and the sun is out here in NYC, too.  A good day.


Nonetheless (iBankCoin)