Hot Links: Drunken Sailors, Wall of Junk and the Princelings

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Based on the bond market, investors see a higher probability of a US Government default than a Coca-Cola ($KO) default.  Nice.  (WSJ)

Credit Suisse says to buy this dip.  (PragCap)

The big bad banks huddled up in Davos, Sorkin has the details of what they came up with for their defense.  (DealBook)

The top earners in Hollywood for 2009 and what they made, including Adam Sandler, Todd Phillips, James Cameron and the Harry Potter kid.  (VanityFair)

More evidence that people using Foursquare need to be beaten up.  (TechCrunch)

The new players in China’s private equity game are the sons of government officials, aka The Princelings.  (DealJournal)

All the corporate refinancing is nice, but a $700 billion “wall of junk” is headed our way within 3 years.  (DealBook)

On Goldman’s chances of evading the Volcker Rule.  (FelixSalmon)

Mark Cuban: “The simplest way to create more jobs is to allow small business and entrepreneurs to spend less time and money on lawyers and accountants…”  (BlogMaverick)

Should Germany be bailing out Club Med (Greece, Italy, Spain)?  (Telegraph)

In Defense of Drunken Sailors.  (Mish)

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