Metals Melt Up But Certain Notable Names Not Bouncing

After last week’s drubbing, stocks are getting their bounce today in the absence of any real news worth mentioning. 

The real action is in the metals, both industrial and precious, as US Steel ($X) and Freeport Mac ($FCX) were among the hardest hit on the China central bank slowdown and had the most room to rebound.

See below (as of 2pm):

Today’s Industry Highlights
Top Performing Industries % Change
Silver +6.73%
Copper +5.10%
Resorts & Casinos +4.97%
Steel & Iron +4.44%
Gold +4.16%

There are, however, some noteworthy stocks that are not participating to the upside.

These include Amazon ($AMZN), Berkshire B’s ($BRKB), Yahoo ($YHOO), and AIG ($AIG).

Some of these are market leaders, some are merely gauges of speculative appetite, all are watched closely by many institutional players for one reason or another.