Giant Squid Attack California Coast, Finance Blogger Resists Urge to Make Goldman Joke

From the LA Times:

“An invasion of giant squid in Orange County has fishermen and women hitting the waters off Newport Beach, angling for an unusual catch.

The squid, some up to 60 pounds and 4 feet long, were first caught Thursday afternoon, and anglers began making twilight expeditions Friday night to catch the nocturnal sea creatures.”

Now, if I were less mature, I’d probably make one of the following smartass jokes here…

a.  So Goldman Sachs is beefing up their West Coast presence

b.  They must be using government guarantees as bait out there

c.  Spotted on the pier waving a job application?  Rhymes with Jim Jeithner

d.  Spotted on the pier with a musket and a Revolution-era powdered wig?  Dylan Ratigan

e.  Environmentalists were up in arms about the dangers of High Frequency Inking

Anyway, I’m extremely mature and serious about the subject of giant, nocturnal squid invasions so I won’t make any of these types of remarks.  Somewhere, Matt Taibbi is asking the staff of Rolling Stone to lash him to a mast and ignore his entreaties to free his writing hand.


Orange County fishermen angle for unusual catch: Giant squid (LA Times)

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