If Galleon Unloads Their Treasures…

For what it’s worth, here’s a quick look at Galleon‘s top ten holdings.  I’d imagine that the phones are ringing off the hook with redemption requests as we speak.  These are almost all mega-caps, so I wouldn’t expect a great deal of impact should the fund have to unwind these positions quickly.

NAME                       STOCK SYMBOL       MARKET VALUE    SHARES HELD

EBay Inc                            EBAY          $116.1 mln                           4.74 mln
Apple Inc                          APPL           $78.3 mln                            416,491
Google Inc                        GOOG           $77.4 mln                           140,800
OSI Pharma                      OSIP           $52.6 mln                             1.65 mln
Bank of America             BAC            $42.9 mln                              2.48 mln
JPMorgan Chase            JPM            $41.9 mln                                909,845
Cisco Systems Inc         CSCO           $38.6 mln                              1.61 mln
SPDR Trust                       SPY            $34.4 mln                              316,000
Dell Inc                               DELL           $31.8 mln                           2.08 mln
EMC Corp                         EMC            $29.6 mln                              1.65 mln

Fortune Magazine also gave us a look at 8 of the trades that Galleon made that were fishy, including Hilton Hotels, AMD and Google.  Check it out:

Galleon Insider Trading   h/t FundMojo

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