Vitaliy Katsenelson on the Propaganda of Michael Moore

When you get a chance, run on over to Zero Hedge to read about a true capitalism love story, from an ex-resident of the Soviet Union who now runs money professionally here in the US and is a hell of a writer.

From Zero Hedge:

(This) past weekend Americans voluntarily spent a few million dollars to see a documentary by Michael Moore – Capitalism: the Love Story.  But don’t kid yourself, this piece of work is not a documentary, it lacks objectivity and has no intention of seeking the truth, and it is anti-American and anti-capitalist propaganda.  Mr. Moore is a talented propagandist; in Soviet Russia this documentary would have gotten him a medal and elevated him into a state hero.

Katsenelson nails it with this dissection of Moore’s magnum opus, and writes from real-life experience in terms of the power of propaganda and indoctrination.

Read it here:

In Defense of Capitalism (Zero Hedge)