Hot Links: Marc Faber, Doug Kass & R2D2

sausageStuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Pay attention!  What to expect from the FOMC statement today.  (Bloomberg)

Great interview: Marc Faber on Tech Ticker discussing why emerging markets will surpass the West.  (TechTicker)

In Soviet Russia, Kalashnikov Bankrupts You! (LOLFed)

The unintended consequences of Sen Dodd‘s aggressive push for one super-regulator will be that this will stall all regulation in general.  (RickBookstaber)

Stocks the sell-side analysts are cheering for.  (Forbes)

What will interest rates around the world look like one year from now?  (InvestmentPostcards)

Real Clear Markets talks to Doug Kass about what he saw that no one else did to make his Generational Bottom call.  (RealClearMarkets)

R2D2 is ready to play.  (HackNMod)