Breakfast Links: Livermore, Gasparino & the 2nd Ave Subway


Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Carney may be onto something re: Epstein‘s “Hedge Fund”.  The next Ponzi?  (Clusterstock)

Thank heavens for Greenback’d, a monster list of every activist investor situation going on right now.  (Greenback’d)

NEXT Financial gets nailed…gotta supervise those OSJ branches, people.  (BusinessWire)

Charlie Gasparino has a secret un-admirer who thinks he went soft on the Goldman story.  (Dealbreaker)

Ford crushes earnings, still losing money but now losing a lot less.  Go America!  (AP via Yahoo)

They’ve basically destroyed the businesses in my old ‘hood working on the mythical 2nd Avenue Subway project…glad I’m gone.  (NYP)

My favorite link of the day:  The Best of Jesse Livermore (aka the Greatest Speculator in History).  (PragCap)