We Are All Flint, Michigan Now

Below is a post I did for Clusterstock (The Business Insider) this week… Raise your hand if you had to sit through a presentation of the film Roger and Me in high school… Yeah, me too.  Michael Moore‘s scathing expose of how General Motors and its then chief executive Roger Smith destroyed an auto-assembly-dependent town…

This is What Socialism Looks Like: Obama's Auto Speech

Below is a visual representation using the full text of President Obama‘s speech regarding General Motors and Chrysler yesterday.  The size of each word is dictated by the frequency with which it appears in the speech. I’m no bankruptcy expert, but friends of mine in the legal field are.  They believe that the notion of…

Goodbye Rick Wagoner…and Maybe GM

In the New York Times, Micheline Maynard wrote a pretty balanced account of how Rick Wagoner became CEO of General Motors (GM) to start with and why many of the problems facing the company were already in place before he took control about a decade ago. The article raises more questions than it actually answers….