Confessions of a Reformed Broker

Devin Leonard at BusinessWeek did a Q&A with me to talk about my new book Backstage Wall Street and some of the things I learned not to do as a backwards broker earlier in my career.

The piece just went live, check it out!

How did you become a stockbroker?

The only thing I ever wanted to do was work on Wall Street. In the late ’90s, the thing to do was to become a broker. The dot-coms were flying. The guys were making their clients money, and they were making themselves money. People were starting up firms out of thin air. There were a bunch of people from my town, Merrick, N.Y., who were a few years older. I knew their families. They graduated from college, and within a year they were making $200,000 or $300,000. They were knuckleheads in high school, now they were driving Porsches. It was definitely seductive.

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Confessions of a Reformed Stockbroker (BusinessWeek)




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