About That Hedge Fund Renaissance You Were Told Of Yesterday

For some reason, yesterday I heard the soundbite that “Hedge funds are back!  On pace to have their best month/quarter/year since blah blah blah” repeated at least a dozen times. Absurd.  I can think of several high net worth people I’ve spoken with in just the last few weeks that would give up a firstborn…

Dude, Where's My Hedge?

This morning, Bloomberg has an article about how hedge fund managers are no longer in the driver’s seat when dealing with clients.  They are now flying to visit with their accounts when they used to force them to come to Connecticut.  They are adjusting fees downward to keep assets from CALPERS and other large investors. …

Hedgies Still Hearing "Redemption Song"

[youtube=] “Redemption Calls“, sung to the tune of Bob Marley‘s Redemption Song. Old clients, yes they call I ask me for the NAV. Minutes after I sold stock, into a bottomless pit. But my fund was made strong by the black box it was built on. We trade in this generation, leveraged to the gills….