Food Stamp Nation

This is a sick, sad group of data points and is exactly what you can expect in a country that makes virtually nothing and became overly reliant on the housing and real estate industry for jobs and income.

1 Trillion in US Credit Card Debt

Financial infographs like this one are especially interesting when they give you perspective on a global basis. This piece takes a look at the credit card usage and outstanding debt of US consumers vs that of other countries… Click to Embiggen! Source: Derri_Hasmi

What Do All These Multi-Billions Look Like?

I’m blown away by the latest infograph from David McCandless of Information is Beautiful. We hear about these multi-billion dollar programs seemingly every day, and the sums start to wash over our already-numb frontal lobes.  Well, here’s a snapshot of what this spending actually looks like, writ-large… Click Image to Embiggen!  The truth about the…

China Then and Now from Fast Company

We’ve been discussing China a lot this week, so I figured I’d cap off the weekend with an infograph from Fast Company that paints a great picture detailing how much has changed over the last 60 years of the country’s existence (in its current form). The graph is in two pieces here, whatever. and then…