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Hot Links: Brazil's Tax, Heroin & the Upside Crash

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning… Dick Bove has a word of caution for those looking to become analysts.  (Dealbreaker) Look out! Brazil is imposing a “foreign investor” tax.  (Clusterstock) Lindzon’s calling this phase of the rally an “Upside Crash”.  (HowardLindzon) The race to save Lehman: an excerpt from Sorkin’s new monster book.  (NYT) Economists see…

Hot Links: Wasted!

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning… Greenbackd’s monthly list of stocks with activist positions.  (Greenbackd) I’m making this one the post of the day: All about compounding.  (InvestingCaffiene) Bill Ackman, David Einhorn and others share their best investing ideas.  (Clusterstock) Peter Maass has a new book out about the violent world of crude oil.  (USAToday) Bill…

Moody's to Introduce New Spokesmoose to Repair Image

If anyone has a public relations problem, it’s Moody’s (MCO), once a well-respected bond ratings service, now DC’s favorite whipping boy for its role in the credit meltdown.  Between Buffett‘s dumping of the company’s stock and Greenlight’s David Einhorn pitching it as an investment short, management at Moody’s has decided to play a little offense….