Bespoke's 2009 Commodity Scoreboard

The boys over at Bespoke Investment Group (aka The Notorious B.I.G.) just put up a look at how 10 major commodities have done so far in 2009.  Copper For The Win! Sources: Commodity Snapshot (BIG)

Commodity Plays: The Search For What Hasn't Moved Yet

Crunch time for portfolio managers. I read in Barron’s this weekend that the average US stock mutual fund manager is about 5% ahead of the S&P 500 this year, according to Lipper.  OK, but it’s the below-average performing PM that really needs the juice right about now, with 10 weeks or so left to make…

Market Recap: Thank You, India

[youtube=] The Reformed Broker, AKA Louis Lane, here with today’s Market Recap… OMG…India’s Sensex Index literally exploded overnight, rallying more than 2000 points, or 17.34% in one session. This led to a massive commodity and overseas-exposure rally here in the US with the Dow up around 200 points at the 3:30 look.  Top sectors include…