Bull Markets

The Rally Apologista's Handbook

I hear and read the same scary statistics every day just like everyone else. But the quote screen doesn’t lie. So I apologize for staying in the game and these are my excuses.

Peekaboo Crude! We See You!

Uh oh!  Look who just showed up at the party!  November crude breaking out into jiggy territory…hope you enjoyed those $2 and change gas prices at the pump this summer!

Bearslaughter: September '09 Ends True To Form

We’re at midday so anything can happen, but as of right now, September of 2009 looks to be going out on a fitting note, a nasty upside reversal after an ugly triple digit sell-off. This is extremely frustrating action to those who held/ pressed their shorts throughout this month, as stocks seemingly defied gravity. A…

Did We Fall Off The Bull Today?

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5ZrTO7yRYI] Nasty bank failure/ secondary rumors all day today… Banks down 4.5%, Oil back under $70, AIG down another 8, Dow down 180 points with a little more than an hour left. Guess we’ll see.

The Five Stages of Panic Buying

I talk to a ton of traders, portfolio managers, brokers and high net worth investors, both on and off Wall Street.  Most of them have engaged in a bit of panic buying at some point this summer as the 50% rally in US stocks surprised many smart players. Panic buying is what happens when you…