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Last month Michael, Duncan and I traveled down to St Petersburg for an event and, while we were there, my friend Shirl Penney set up a conversation with Scotty Neil, the founder of Horse Soldier Bourbon.

Scott was part of the elite team of Green Berets who were sent behind the lines in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 to link up with our old mujahideen allies and knock the Taliban out of key Afghan cities. The bad guys were fortified by old Russian tanks and artillery. Scott’s team mobilized thousands of Afghan freedom fighters on horseback and charged those tanks head-on, which was later dramatized in the film “12 Strong” starring Chris Hemsworth.

(Horse Soldier Bourbon, made inside The Urban Stillhouse bar and restaurant, St. Petersburg, Florida) 

We talked to Scott about building the Horse Soldier brand of Bourbon whiskey and what it takes to lead a rapidly growing operation where the brand is so central to the company’s identity. Shirl sat in to share some lessons about building Dynasty Financial as well. We’re extremely proud of this episode which dropped this morning in time for Independence Day.

Thanks to our media team Duncan, John and Nicole for working on it and doing such a nice job with this story.

The YouTube version will be up on our channel shortly. You can listen on Apple or Spotify right now.

On this special July 4th episode of The Compound and Friends, Michael Batnick and Downtown Josh Brown are joined by Scott Neil (Founder, Horse Soldier Bourbon) and Shirl Penney (CEO of Dynasty Financial Partners) to discuss the special forces sent to Afghanistan in the aftermath of 9/11 (now known as the horse soldiers), entrepreneurship, the importance of hiring the right people, and much more!

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