Registration now OPEN for Future Proof 2023

Last September we threw the biggest wealth management festival (and probably the first, to be honest) of all time. Thousands of attendees came from all over the world to discuss the most important question to the wealth management industry: How are we going to adapt and thrive and continue to improve the outcomes for our clients in the future? That’s it. It’s the overarching idea that every other idea is subservient to. Our clients are relying on us to bring in the best user experiences, the top asset management products, the latest services that make their lives easier, the cutting edge technology that better informs our decision-making, the usable fintech that speeds processes and answers questions robustly and accurately. By focusing on being the best in these categories, we de facto become the best financial advisors to our clients. Almost every advisor I know, all over the country, wants to be the best version of themselves possible.

Hence…the Future Proof festival. If you care as deeply about these topics as my friends and colleagues do, you’ll want to be a part of our community. So register and come on out. It takes place this September 10th through 13th in Huntington Beach, California. We booked out all four hotels in town and the entire thing takes place on the beach, a half-mile boardwalk filled with people you should meet and companies you should learn about.

If you missed out last year, it’s cool, we’ll see you in ’23. And if you made it out last year, you’re a Day One. We want to see you again and again as Future Proof becomes our industry’s most exciting annual tradition.

Registration is now at the lowest price it will ever be. The first price jump is happening in early February. Don’t miss it. Get your ticket, get your room. We’ll see you in September!

Some pics from last year’s inaugural event, this year’s version is going to blow you away…

See you at Future Proof 2023!