Welcome to the End of Days

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Join Downtown Josh Brown and Michael Batnick for another round of What Are Your Thoughts? On this week’s episode, Josh and Michael discuss the biggest topics in investing and finance, including:

►“Valuation doesn’t matter” – It does, but a trailing twelve months earnings multiple tells you nothing.

►Old Dow Jones – The “active management” from the Dow Jones Investment Committee has proven to be beneficial.

►Tiger Global – Tiger is throwing everything at the wall, and most of it is sticking.

►Crypto Comments – “It is not reasonable to build a financial system that demands investors also be sophisticated interpreters of complex code.”

►1% vs Middle Class – For the first time ever, the top 1% own more wealth than the middle 60% of Americans.

►Small Caps vs Inflation – Can smaller companies navigate price changes more efficiently than their larger peers?

►The Drawdown Phase – A viewer asks if keeping 4-5 years’ worth of RMDs in shorter-term Treasuries is superior to a static allocation.

►Rush to the Exits? – After a year of big gains in crypto and meme assets, could there be some extra profit-taking in January?

And much more!

Josh and Michael (and Ben) use YCharts when creating visuals for this show, as well as for many aspects of their business. What Are Your Thoughts viewers can get a 20% discount for YCharts by clicking here (new users only):


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