The Portfolio Puzzle of Our Lifetime

This is the thing we all need an answer for – starting valuations for stocks have rarely been higher, while starting bond yields have never been lower. Can stocks return enough going forward to overcome this hurdle? Will bonds deliver the hedge against volatility investors are counting on? On this week’s podcast, I’ve brought on two thoughtful, accomplished asset allocators to answer these questions and suggest solutions to the puzzle.

Bob Haber is the founder and CIO of Proficio Capital Partners, a veteran fund manager for Fidelity and part owner of the Boston Celtics.

Mebane Faber is the founder and CIO of Cambria Investment Management, as well as the host of The Meb Faber Show podcast.

We discuss value and growth stocks, international equity markets, gold, the dollar, Treasury bonds and a lot more.

I hope you get a lot out of this week’s episode and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. If you’re enjoying The Compound Show, please leave us a rating and review – they go a long way!

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