The Bears Get Slaughtered. Again.


On an all-new episode of What Are Your Thoughts, Michael Batnick and Josh Brown discuss the biggest topics on Wall Street this week, including:

  • All the ingredients seem to be in place for a market melt-up into year end – or did that already happen?
  • The Armageddonists – JP Morgan’s Michael Cembalest returns to his chart of the growliest bears in finance. Hopefully they’re not actually investing this way.
  • The return of Janet Yellen as President Elect Joe Biden appoints the former Fed Chair to be our next Treasury Secretary
  • Dividend stocks have underperformed the S&P 500 going back to 1990, should it matter? Are there big opportunities in dividend stocks today?
  • Thinking about the 2021 economy and the potential to swing back to experiences over durable goods
  • The Comeback Trade: Stocks most heavily in need of the reopening are outperforming as all the vaccine news hits the tape…
  • Are there financial advisors who are interested in taking on younger clients?
  • Which of the large cap technology giants are most susceptible to falling from grace?

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