Nouriel Roubini

Pundit Zachary Karabell (Almost) Keeps It Real

Someday, some pundit is going to come out and call BS on the whole on-air stock promotion system…but today is not that day. From the title of his article in Newsweek, “Confessions of a Pundit”, it sounded as though former pundit Zachary Karabell was about to do just that.

Roubini and Faber Out-Doom Each Other

Today, Nouriel Roubini tossed out another tasty treat for his bear worshippers on Bloomberg: “My main scenario is that it’s highly likely it goes to 600 or below (S&P 500)…Even if you do everything right with fiscal and monetary policy, we’re still going to be in a recession through the end of this year and…