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Farmer Brown Wuz Right – Food Prices Exploding

Keep obsessing over gold, but the real explosion is happening in the agricultural commodity complex.  Food prices around the world are exploding.  Farmer Brown has been discussing the Agflation theme here since the summer.  It’s happening… Where Did The Corn Go? (Daily Markets): “Shocking!” That is the term used by some grain traders just after…

Observations from the Mission

(a shot I took from the new CNBC bureau high atop Market Street, overlooking the Ferry Building) Four days in San Francisco seeing our wealth management clients and meeting with prospective clients. It was quite a whirlwind. Ten random observations about the city, in no particular order… 1. The local economy is obviously on fire. Career…


U.S. farmers chasing high prices will be planting 92.178 million acres of corn this year, a 5% increase from last year

Is there a Moore's Law for Corn?

Corn right now is typically a yield of 155 to 160 bushels per acre, so the Monsanto engineer’s speculation is that two decades from now we’ll see a double in output.