Buy stocks now or after the election?

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On an all-new episode of What Are Your Thoughts, Josh Brown and Michael Batnick take on the biggest topics on Wall Street this week, including:

*The “pressure cooker of uncertainty” has many investors waiting with cash for the election to be over.
*Amazon is actually losing market share to the old category killers like Best Buy and Walmart, who are getting good at ecommerce.
*YOU ASKED: What should my strategy be, investing or trading?
*Which would produce the biggest rally, a vaccine approval or a signed stimulus bill?
*What’s the deal with ARK Innovation ETF sponsors taunting everyone in Value-land?
*What should we make of Affirm and the other “buy now, pay later” technologies – disruptive for credit cards?
*QQQ inflows and outflows have been wild this year – is options activity the most likely reason?

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