Uncut Gems is a Personal Finance Movie!

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On a new edition of What Are Your Thoughts, Josh Brown and Michael Batnick discuss the hottest topics in finance and investing:

* Is there any such thing as the optimal time to rebalance your portfolio?
* Is Instagram ad targeting weirding you out or doing you a favor?
* Vanguard started the year off slashing commissions on options trades and mutual funds.
* The median IPO has underperformed the stock market by 20 percentage points this decade!
* Josh says ‘Uncut Gems’ starring Adam Sandler is actually a personal finance movie.
* What was the biggest surprise of 2019?
* Bill Ackman delivered a 58% comeback performance in 2019, how’d he do it?

Let us know what your thoughts are on these topics, we love your feedback and comments! Happy New Year!

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