Chart o’ the Day: A Global Breakout for Earnings?

Here’s Charles Schwab strategist Jeff Kleintop on the outlook for global stocks (the MSCI All Country World Index) approaching a critical level of earnings per share:


  • The earnings estimates for the world’s companies have risen back to $30 again for the fourth time in 10 years.
  • Without a rise in earnings above $30, stock prices may find it difficult to move any higher.
  • Thanks to solid global growth supporting all the major regions of the world a break out above $30 now appears more likely than it has in a decade.

Josh here – So….can we get through? The indices themselves all over the world seem to be saying yes, it’s finally happening. MSCI All-Country World Index having its best year relative to the S&P 500 in almost a decade.

Run, don’t walk, to read Jeff’s piece at the link below…


Earnings may be about to do something they’ve never done before (Charles Schwab)


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