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Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Dow 17,000  (WSJ)

Trouble in the $1.6 trillion a day market for Treasury repos?  (Bloomberg)

Hilsenrath: Yes, the Fed is paying attention to food inflation.  (WSJ)

Ten brief observations from the (MacroMan)

Remember when they said tapering was going to be bad for EM stocks? Say hello to 16-month highs, bitchez.  (Bloomberg)

3 reasons frontier markets are the new hotness.  (BlackRockBlog)

“The perfect portfolio” is a grail quest, destined to end in disappointment or worse.  (WealthOfCommomSense)

Faith-based economics has been a huge fail.  (NYT)

Bob Lefsetz: Separating winners from losers in today’s society starts off with where one went to school.  (Lefsetz)

Why Barclays Lied: Thoughts from a Dark Pool Operator  (DaveHunter)

The growth of pension fund investment management outsourcing is massive.  (Pensions&Investments)

Despite a shakeup at the top, Twitter’s ad revenue is “roaring” across a billion bucks and counting.  (Bits)

“Schwarzman is now worth more than ten billion dollars. You wouldn’t think he’d have much to complain about.”  (NewYorker)

It’s getting harder to tell what’s a real Silicon Valley startup and what’s a parody  (GigaOM)

Whose World Cup picks were better, Nate Silver’s or Wall Street’s? Or did a car beat both?  (Guardian)

What did Aaron Burr do after shooting Alexander Hamilton 210 year ago?   (MentalFloss)

Legendary technician and Wall Street strategist Justin Mamis writes his final letter before retirement at 85, read it here:  (TBP)

The new book – Clash of the Financial Pundits – now available for pre-order!