Hot Links: Reversal of Fortune

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

“Whenever this bull market ends, it is likely to be with a bang, not a whimper.”  (Indexology)

Cullen Roche on the IPO market and how stability creates instability.  (PragCap) read also (TheExchange)

A massive reversal of fortune for managed futures, real estate, and other asset classes pre- and post-2009.  (AttainCapital)

Professor Jeff: Beware the pundit who drops his original indicator when it disagrees with his opinion.   (DashOfInsight)

Should brokers be forced to disclose signing bonuses of over $100,000 to their clients?  (InvestmentNews)

PIMCO trustee: Bill Gross’s salary is outrageous.  (LATimes)

The boomers are leaving behind some massive inheritances.  (NewYorkTimes)

ICYMI – A man and his signals.  (TRB)

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