Hot Links: Mean Revert Like a Bastard

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

JPMorgan: Four reasons why Sell in May won’t happen this year (god this sell in may stuff never dies, it’s almost f***ing june).  (TheTell)

Research Affiliates: “When bond prices are high, future returns on bonds, or their yields, are low. It’s the same thing with equities.”  (Fortune)

Lil Weezy does some serious bear-baiting this morning: “The US Economy Is The Envy Of The World Again, And Just Like That The Bears Have Been Annihilated”  (BusinessInsider)

Hot Bernanke Trade: “Last Wednesday, the little-followed, largely overlooked ProShares Ultra 7-10 Year Treasury ETF (NYSEArca: UST) went from $12 million in assets under management to more than $833 million overnight.”  (IndexUniverse)

Relative performance of consumer stocks versus the S&P is mean reverting like a bastard.  (CrossingWallStreet)

The GLD tail is basically wagging the gold dog at this point completely. “Safe Haven” LOL.  (ETFTrends)

Bruce Bartlett: Here’s the big mistake Keynes made that has led to so much criticism.  (economix)

Mark Thoma: Seven myths about Keynes the haters get wrong.  (TheFiscalTimes)

Hedgie Jeff Vinik. “I’m raising money for the fund. Just kidding, PEACE I’M OUT.”  (Dealbreaker)

So you want to trade for a living…  (bclund)

ICYMI: I took on the Buffett haters last night. Done with this nonsense. (TRB)

Charles Ramsey, Great American Hero (and hilarious dude).  (Buzzfeed)

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