Hot Links: Take One for the Team

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Citi’s commodity team is out with a very provocative call on oil: Demand Growth – The End Is Nigh.  (FTAlphaville)

Massive short-positions materializing in these popular dividend stocks.  (247WallStreet)

Apple has a really tough spring and summer ahead of it, but with innovation and new products on the other side.  (AllThingsD)

Greggy with a warning on the muni bond ETF price action.  (DragonflyCapital)

Krugman: “Cyprus should leave the euro. Now.”  (NYT)

Matt Levine’s interesting plea re: CalPERS remaining active investors boils down to “take one for the team.” I think…I don’t know, he’s so sophisticated I sometimes have to read his thingies twice.  (Dealbreaker)

A reminder on stock market psychology, from G.C. Selden a hundred years ago…  (RiskReversal)

The best financial-crisis-in-the-making indicator? Massive inflows of foreign money.  (TBP)

How bad is Jeff Loria (Marlins), the worst owner in baseball?  (Buzzfeed)

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