InformationWeek’s 11 Predictions for Google in 2013

Thomas Claburn went 7 of 9 (or 6 of 9, depending on how charitable you want to be) with his predictions for Google in 2012.

His new list for 2013 is now up…

Google in 2013 will travel two steps forward and one step back. Through the merciless culling of its product portfolio at the hands of CEO Larry Page, and the growing synergy between its cloud services, operating systems and Google-friendly hardware, the company is well-positioned to consolidate its power and to keep growing.

Among his expectations is a delay for Google Glass, a nasty tax battle and Google+ ceasing to be a joke. If you invest in technology stocks or trade them, this is a must read.


Google in 2013: 11 Predictions (InformationWeek)

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