Welcome to the Blogosphere, Mark Dow

You may be familiar with Mark Dow from his media appearances, he is one of the sharpest minds on the circuit with loads of real-world experience in the markets and in DC.

And he’s just launched a Tumblr called Behavioral Macro that I think is going to kick ass (hoping he keeps it updated).

Here’s his intro post:

I’m a money manager with roots in policy economics. I worked at the US Treasury under both a Republican and a Democratic administration. I did a tour of duty at the International Monetary Fund as well. For most of the 90s, I was a sovereign debt specialist/negotiator—when emerging market debt crises were the center of the financial universe. Since then, I’ve managed real money and fast money, mostly focusing on global macro. As a result I come at markets from both the perspective of a policy guy and a market guy, which all too often is like oil and water. My initial grounding was in sovereign credit risk and global fixed income. I am very active in currencies.

When I first came to the markets, I was taken aback by how superficial the market’s understanding of economics was. Not stupid, but superficial in the most neutral sense of the word.

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