The Twitter IPO

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There was the Twitter Revolution in January. And now, in May, Linked-In (LNKD) was the Twitter IPO.

Are you long? Were you long? Do you wish you could short?

The Stream over at Stocktwits was moving so fast that it was hard to keep up. Luckily for you, I was having a slow trading day. Instead of tweeting too much about LNKD myself, I decided to just listen.

So I sat down next to The Stream and let it lull be to sleep. Later, I jumped into The Stream, naked of course, and let it carry me away. There were natives lining the banks of The Stream. Some call them “avatars.” They all had something to say about LNKD. Below you will meet some that I encountered on my journey.


They wondered how Linked-In made money. What do they sell, anyway? They sell You dude. You.


Some guessed what this meant for Facebook.


Many were out claiming that LNKD was “overvalued.” Pshaw!

Hey… How about LNKD’s founder? How rich is that dude now?

How badly did the underwriters fuck up? This guy, in some other language says, “OMFG, ROTFLMAO @GS!!!”

There were those who hated the stream but at the same time, went into the stream…

While some simply feared the stream.

James Altucher is on a news diet. He was in Alaska, far from The Stream.

Joshy compared Linked-In with silver.

Others said it reminded them of the good-ole days.

And one incredibly old dude compared it with tulips. You kids remember the tulipmania?

There were the relativists.

The haters…

Rational people…

And even voyeurs with cameras.

@Prospectus waxed philosophical.

And of course, the schadenfreude crowd was well represented.

And there were plenty of natives who wished they could short $LNKD. For example, Gappy would pay a premium to short $LNKD.

And at least one, um… “trader” who was happy not to have that option.

Jim Cramer took a dip into the stream and threw out the “B-word.”

And set off a flurry of ironic tweets.

If nothing else, the natives who lined the banks of The Stream as I floated by were funny.

This lucky native had gone to collect firewood, and missed The Stream altogether.

Finally, amid all the rubble I managed to find one genuinely nice person who only had congrats for the shareholders…

I hope you all enjoyed the post. It took me about 20 hours to format it and still, it looks like shit. I will never do it again.

Anyway, if you think LNKD will go up, follow me on twitter. If you think it will go down, follow me on twitter.

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