Hot Links: No Commissions for Holding Cash

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Some big tech earnings later this week, here’s a preview from IBD:  (Click)

Now about that Bloomberg “All Clear” headline…  (TBP)

I talked to Heidi Moore’s Marketplace Radio yesterday about what Schwab’s new options acquisition means.  (Marketplace)

What the hell is it that banks even do anymore?  (IheartWallStreet)

Everyone’s wondering what’s behind Meredith Whitney’s bullish flip.  She owns a brokerage firm now, guys.  No commissions for holding cash.  (NetNet)

My friend Kid Dynamite boiled down 100 gallons of maple syrup this weekend back at the homestead.  (KidDynamite)

Wade Slome on the illusion of the reverse stock split.  (InvestingCaffeine)

Jeff Miller: Stick to the facts this week.  (ADashOfInsight)

My daily linkfest for financial advisers is up at WSJ.  (WSJFA)

Today’s final thought comes to us from Dynamic Hedge.  (DynamicHedge)

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