Where Do I Fit In?

“Dinosaur Trader is a stock trader. He writes about the daytrading lifestyle, parenthood, marriagehood and the often combustible mixture of the three. He created the stock blogosphere in 2007.”

After only two days of “hardcore blogging” I woke up this morning feeling a little lost. I felt myself wondering how I fit into the “modern” stock blogosphere.  Did people know who I was anymore? I mean everybody has their niche and everybody is getting rich! Could I still be relevant?

Back in early 2007 when I created the stock blogosphere (it took me only 7 days) I had a simple message: the hybrid market was out to destroy daytraders. That message caught fire and my blogspot was like, 3rd in overall internet traffic. Worldwide. Look it up.

Sure there was competition, but they barely made a dent in my dominance. For example, WallStrip was a show about a hot chick named Lindsay, and The Fly was getting internet famous by touting MVIS and firing his weekend bloggers. HCPG invented something called “spam” and emailed people every night with their “hot stock picks.” Anyway, I won’t rehash that all now. I categorized my competition in a post way back in 2007.

But here we are in 2011 and the stock blogosphere has changed. First of all, Twitter, which I don’t think existed in 2007, has become a respected way to frontrun your “followers” via the “StockTwits” network. CNBC doesn’t exist anymore and real writers (James Altucher) have even jumped into the fray, making other stock bloggers just feel inferior. Meanwhile Josh (aka my boss) has taken his strong jawline and gone mainstream, whoring his ass out to Big Media.

So how do I get eyeballs again? Release a sex-tape? Blow up my account and cry about it?

I’m just going to be honest. Try to connect to people. Just be me, you know? Maybe become the “emo-stockblogger.”

In short, every day I wake with a $0 P&L and a blank sheet of paper. Every day I try to transform nothing into food and shelter for my family. Behind each trade is a story. Some people focus on the trades, I tend to focus on the story. I find that interesting.

If you find that interesting, then stick around. I’ll be posting here daily.

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