A Brief List of Things the Market No Longer Seems to Care About

A Brief List of Things the Market No Longer Seems to Care About at the End of 2009…

Greece, Inflation, Deflation, Austria, Declining access to credit for consumers, Regional bank commercial loan liabilities, Foreclosures, Dubai, Dubai World, Meredith Whitney, Next shoes to fall, CIT, Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Ireland, Bank stock dilution, Swine flu, The great AIG robbery, California’s insolvency, Swiss banks that enable US tax evasion, Unemployment, China’s make believe economic data, The Goldmantocracy, Commercial mortgage backed securities.

We’ve replaced these minor concerns with the following preoccupations:

Tiger Woods, Tiger’s mistresses, Will I look like a loser if I go see Avatar in the theater alone, Tiger’s divorce, Elfing ourselves, Foursquare, the Google Phone, Adam Lambert kissing other dudes on Good Morning America, When does LOST come back, I’m not sure if I like that Fireflies song, Is Hasselhoff back in rehab, I’m not sure if that chick on Fringe is hot or not, Are Zhu Zhu Pets poisoning my kids, I feel like Hasselhoff really just could use a friend more than anything, Obama’s dog frolicking in the snow, etc.

You know what they say about Americans and their attention spans…wait, what was I talking about?