Hot Links: The Russians Are Coming…With Checkbooks


Stuff I’m Reading…

American companies are paying the highest M&A premiums on record, does that mean stocks are still cheap?  (Bloomberg)

Hedgie David Tepper looks to bank $7 billion in ’09 profits for his Appaloosa Fund.  (DealBook)

The strong dollar trend that began on December 4th is becoming definitive.  (ResearchReloaded)

Investing in American startups is the new status symbol for the Russians.  (TechCrunch)

Feds may not go easy on the Google -Yelp deal.  (JrDepAcct) Update: Yelp just walked away from $500 mil:  (TechCrunch)

Guess what they’re putting in your cocaine now!  Enjoy that, retards.  (PopSci)

Barry on the Worst. Decade. Ever.  (TBP)

Rory Sutherland‘s hysterical parody of the advertising biz take on Tiger Woods.  (Forbes)