Hot Links: Stiglitz, Whitney, Durden & Mussolini

hot-linksHot Links for Weekend Reading…

Someone tipped off the Post as to who Tyler Durden is.  Typical attempt to attack the messenger, not the message.  (NYP)

Here’s the Zero Hedge response:  (ZeroHedge)

What would Mussolini do to fix Italy’s economy?  (LOLFed)

My heart is breaking for the slightly less rich Hamptons crowd of the Summer of ’09.  (DealBook)

My boy Lawrence McDonald forwarded an excerpt from his Lehman collapse book, this one’s the Casino Scene.  (LMcD)

Joseph Stiglitz weighs in on the weak dollar this week, following Buffett and Pimco.  (Reuters)

The incomparable Meredith Whitney on the impending failure of 300 banks, live from Jackson Hole.  (CalculatedRisk)